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MARI ROBOTICS is one of our branches at MARI Research dedicated to promoting and disseminating knowledge in medical robotics. The organisation aims to advise companies and organisations interested in venturing into the world of medical robotics and share relevant and updated information on advances and innovations in this field. 

The organisation has a vast network of physicians, engineers, and medical technology specialists willing to offer their expertise and knowledge free of charge to those seeking information and advice in medical robotics. In addition, MARI ROBOTICS strives to encourage research and development of new technologies that can improve healthcare and patient outcomes. 

The organisation’s activities include organising events and conferences related to medical robotics, publishing relevant reports and studies, and collaborating with other organisations and companies to drive innovation in medical robotics. 

In summary, MARI ROBOTICS is part of our non-profit organisation and is dedicated to promoting and disseminating knowledge in medical robotics; We help ventures and professionals access medical information. In addition, we are providing free and updated advice to companies and interested parties and encouraging research and development of new technologies to improve medical care. 

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