MARI Vet is focused on research and provides education regarding preventing diseases transmitted by animals. Its objective is to improve the quality of life of our pets and the people around them. Unfortunately, many diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans, and MARI VET seeks to educate the public on how to prevent them. 

One way that MARI VET continues to contribute to society is by creating educational programs and workshops for the general public, especially for owners of pets or farm animals.  For example, MARI VET offers free lectures on preventing animal-borne diseases and identifying signs of illness in animals. In addition, MARI VET is looking forward to partnering with community organisations and schools to bring this education to a broader audience. 

Our vision is to promote scientific research and collaboration with health professionals to develop new therapies and treatments for diseases transmitted by animals. This could be beneficial for our pets and also for people who could be affected by these diseases. 

Finally, MARI VET also seeks to offer valuable information to pet owners who have questions about the health of their animals. This could help people make better pet care decisions and prevent animal-borne diseases.

MARI VET will continue contributing to society through educational programs, scientific research, and advisory services. This would help improve the quality of life of our pets and the people around them and prevent animal-borne diseases.