MARI Medical Clinic

MARI MEDICAL CLINIC is a branch of our non-profit organisation dedicated to providing online health services to the community. As part of MARI RESEARCH, our organisation also focuses on researching medical errors and diagnoses and other topics related to online health and medicine. 

At MARI MEDICAL CLINIC, we are committed to offering quality and accessible online health services. One of our key initiatives is offering low-cost online medical consultations with the help of our network of volunteer doctors. This initiative aims to benefit low-income people who cannot pay for medical consultations in person and also helps users to access an online consultation quickly. 

Furthermore, at MARI MEDICAL CLINIC, we believe in the importance of education and prevention. That’s why we also provide information and education on health topics, such as disease prevention, information on common illnesses, and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, our organisation collaborates with more organisations and health providers to disseminate information on disease prevention and promote healthy living.

We are committed to collaborating with other non-profit organisations to offer healthcare services in remote areas or developing countries. This includes providing online telemedicine services to diagnose and monitor diseases remotely. 

At MARI MEDICAL CLINIC, we aim to provide quality and accessible online health services.  We offer low-cost online medical consultations, provide information and education on health issues, and collaborate with health providers to provide medical care in remote areas.