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MARI Nutrition branch specialises in healthy eating and its impact on disease prevention. MARI Nutrition recognises that not everyone can access high-quality food and therefore seeks to advise and share information on healthy and affordable food. 

One way that MARI Nutrition continues to contribute to society is by creating educational programs and workshops for the general public, especially for those with limited access to healthy foods. These focus on how to prepare healthy and inexpensive meals, how to read food labels and get the most out of staple foods. 

MARI Nutrition’s vision aims to create a network of nutritionists to advise low-income people and partner with community organisations to provide healthy food to those who do not have access to it. 

Another way that MARI Nutrition contributes to society is through scientific research in nutrition and disease prevention. At MARI Nutrition, we collaborate with health professionals and nutritionists to educate the community about existing food-based treatments and therapies.

MARI Nutrition will continue to contribute to society through educational programs, healthy food donations, and the promotion of scientific nutrition research. We want to improve people’s health and prevent diseases related to diet and nutrition.