MARI Dental Clinic

MARI DENTAL CLINIC is an organisation that provides high-quality dental information to low-income and vulnerable people. The clinic is working to offer preventive and therapeutic dental services, including dental cleanings. In addition, the organisation focuses on educating the population on the importance of good oral hygiene and the prevention of dental diseases. 

MARI DENTAL CLINIC receives professionals committed to the dental health of the population. Patients can access the clinic’s services through an appointment system and are charged a reduced fee based on their income. 

The vision of MARI DENTAL CLINIC is to create a healthy community with a radiant smile, where all people have access to quality dental services, regardless of their economic situation. 

MARI DENTAL CLINIC also focuses on research and quality improvement of dental care services. The organisation conducts studies and research on oral health problems in the community, including medical errors in the field of dentists. 

MARI DENTAL CLINIC collects information about medical errors in dentistry and works with other health professionals to identify and address problems related to dental care. The organisation uses this information to develop patient care protocols and guidelines that ensure safe and effective dental care. 

In addition, MARI DENTAL CLINIC collaborates with research institutions and universities to study the best practices in dentistry and improve dental care in the community. The results of these investigations are used to improve the services offered by the clinic and to inform the community about oral health problems and the prevention of dental disease.