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MARI Business is a non-profit business consulting firm based in the United States that aims to promote sustainable and economic growth of businesses, communities and organisations around the world.  

Our primary mission is to establish and develop MARI holding company by expanding its subsidiaries and providing high-quality consulting services to external organisations. The company was established in 2018, and we have the vision to become one of the best business consulting firms in the US by providing our clients with the highest quality business services. At MARI Business, we aim to understand and analyse our client’s needs and problems, maximise business potential, and provide a better understanding of client situations and decisions. 

MARI Business provides various services to clients, including implementation, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, growth and development, and business analysis and problem-solving. 

Implementation services involve preparing business maps, distribution channels, target markets, and many more.  

Sales and marketing services involve researching markets, analysing competitors and suppliers, and improving customer services.  

Finance and accounting services involve designing and implementing budgets and forecasts, analysing cash flow, and conducting audits and reports.  

Growth and development services involve analysing current and future resources, strategic planning, and more.  

Finally, business analysis and problem-solving services involve assessing business scenarios and reviewing business process flow. 

MARI Business’s ultimate goal is to promote sustainable and economic growth of communities and organisations worldwide. We aim to achieve this goal by providing high-quality business consulting services that help their clients maximise their potential and achieve their goals. We believe that through our services, we can positively impact the world and contribute to the growth and development of businesses and communities.